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Leonardo Da Vinci

MODEM Music Open Distance Exchange Model

The Leonardo Da Vinci M.O.D.E.M. project set up for November 2006 offers a new dimension of web formation: the chance to produce and share remote music inside international virtual learning community. Through M.O.D.E.M., in the next two years, a European partnership of very high standards will be used to develop:

  • A virtual learning website for the achievement of creative web musical projects in open code and/or audio files
  • Basic and advanced formative courses for the production and exchange of musical creative projects inside the virtual learning area
  • A European web of young students able to experiment and use the working sphere they built.

The idea of M.O.D.E.M. is to transfer in an educational and formative sphere usual work methods, applications, the whole of creative implements and technological instruments made and used from and for the international community of musicians and composers.

Modem Project
MODEM Project


The project intends to give ample disposition to the training system and to the professional European formation, a learning environment that makes use of a new highly technological applications (production and sound handling software, e-learning platforms for remote music production) to bring a change from the managerial and creative world its most advanced and can connect the creative and technological know-how with a more strictly bound vision attached to the known theories.


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