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Leonardo Da Vinci

Formative Model

The XXI Century’s society needs new formative models and M.O.D.E.M. is supporting such process encouraging a significant example of system transfer, different ways of access and knowledge construction informally developed in the web by its young users.

M.O.D.E.M. talks of innovation looking at sceneries such as the web creative collaboration on spread around different countries and continents sites for the creation of music and multimedia complex projects. Thinks of professional circles for Virtual Studio Recording or shared advanced resources systems for web management. Or, even more, of knowledge recording projects such as: Perseus Project, Wikipedia, Open Encyclopedia Project, etc. immense creations of international virtual communities, or to knowledge management systems based on XML as the Knowledge Base databanks owned by Microsoft and Macromedia created with the users’ contribution and of all the qualified people all over the world.

Look and think about the present/future phenomenon of remote interaction as a widely spread way of working.

These systems transferred in an educational and formative sphere determine contents and practices already known in the instruction and professional formation systems in Europe because they can integrate with organisation and access logics, the same forms of knowledge.

Among M.O.D.E.M. aims, the most relevant is the development of a learning, collaborative sphere in remote, and to give necessary formative instruments to act inside it.

Such aim is realized by the project joining two levels

  • Content plans of techniques (to create an asynchronous remote collaboration area, that in its contents and realisation anticipates a possible Synchronous Area where it would be possible to develop simultaneous projects in the future inspite of the non space closeness)
  • Cultural plan contents (to create a formative basic and advanced model that join together sector competence, in this specific case on software producing and creating music and more generally, tied to web learning spheres and communication systems of those spheres).
MODEM Project

Three Key Elements

In M.O.D.E.M. the methodical approach will have to be able to draw from virtual sites of creative expression (computer and software inter-connected on the web) to virtual sites where communities develop learning constructive processes.

The main key elements of this process will be:

1. Knowledge and information society
2. New technologies
3. Music

MODEM Project

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