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Leonardo Da Vinci


One of the main reasons of Internet’s success with young people of every country is certainly music, either as a social and reactive event or as a creative activity.
The success of the Leonardo Musinet project, finished in April 2004, is a further confirm. The Musinet project had worked out and explored a model and a range of learning ways that brings the students to create and make music together with the use of digital technologies and at the same time develop a strong collaborative dimension.

Following in the already carried out European reflections, the Musinet project further increases the Musinet model and the potential offered in this moment from the digital technology, proposing a second and more advanced aspect of Web formation:
the chance to produce and share music in remote inside international virtual learning communities.

Such a possibility will be based on newly integrated digital technologies (integrated sphere of musical projects in open format, i.e. open source) and of software for music production (sequencers and virtual studio).

Il Progetto MODEM
MODEM Project

M.O.D.E.M. intends to create:

  • Formative courses for the achievement of creative musical projects in web open code with the use of digital technologies.
  • A web learning sphere (VSC) in which basic and advanced courses for management and exchange of creative projects based on music, join together.

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