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Professional communities in real life and in web sites are created around projects, visions and shared ideas. Usually cobwebs are developed around collaborations, solutions, people who created a sort of collective mind that globally either think over the problem to solve or over the project that has to be developed. So, they are webnets communities not only for technologies they normally use but also for their structure and how they use their own ideas in a sort of back-action, their work in the community, creating it in fact, managing it, forming intellectual and creative possibilities that act as space/time possibilities of local, territorial or traditional professional communities.

On the web, communities join together around problems to solve, such as in software sector. Problems can be completely new (for creating a non-existent software or, if it does exist, very expensive; see OpenOffice vs Microsoft Office), or attached to software operating systems or already existing procedures (usually to solve creative or technical problems). In music the rule is exactly the same: communities users of the same software, communities joined by the same musical genre or creative ones exchange among them information, techniques and musical projects.

Leonardo Da Vinci
MODEM Project

The research has been carried out in four partners’ countries: France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy with specific analysis instruments worked out on a survey basis, in the specific sphere of remote musical production, of the useful elements for understanding and fixing a scenario and of the following aims:

  • Which platforms exist on the web for remote collaboration (casuistry existing websites)
  • Which type of software is necessary at the moment to be able to have synchronous or asynchronous remote musical collaborations (casuistry of necessary software instruments)
  • Which possibilities are at the moment available for web users in this sector (casuistry of real possibilities in the future)
  • Which items and files can be at the moment exchanged in websites for these collaborations (casuistry of real creative possibilities)
  • Which are the costs of these items (casuistry of economical horizons)
  • Which technologies inside websites and what protection is offered for users’ privacy (casuistry of personal horizons)
  • Which protection standards of intellectual property are taken in these websites (casuistry of copyright)

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