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Leonardo Da Vinci


The plan of spreading and exploitation of the results of the realised M.O.D.E.M. project has been developed bearing in mind the difference of strategy and methods of working, to achieve the largest number of potential users, of planning and low cost of the activities, of coherence between expected activities and their users, expected results and planned activities.

The setup plan maintains the expected form and all the activities in it could be integrated with others determined and suggested by phase results and final to the project, also from synergy that will develop web support to the project and will be built in the five partner’s countries.

The Instruments

  • The web site
  • Supporting territorial websites for developing and using the projectís results
  • The already existing websites for digital production in a national European and international context
  • The connection with different young users not always qualified, but anyhow willing to learn, and/or experts in digital music production
  • Continuous monitoring of phase results
  • The experimentation for final validity inside web products

These instruments help the transfer process and assimilation of results, by the final users, in a short time; this process can be generated only by a constant and accurate inter-exchange with this universe, in every phase of the project development.

Valorizzazione in MODEM

The plan of spreading and using of the project’s results has been out, aiming to involve, integrate and support either the principal receivers or the working sectors.

So the plan has invested and involved in every phase either young students at School, in music Academies, in Universities and in well established nets of interest (Schools’, producers’ and/or creators’ nets) or the firms of web multimedia production and in particular electronic music sector, computer and software producers specialised in music, circles of professionals in computer music, musicians and software developers.



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